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Prevention and Control of covid-19 and Sugar Daddy Dating

With the full-scale outbreak of covid-19, the United States now has the largest number of people dying of covid-19 in the world. So far, at least 21692 people have died of the virus, and the death toll is still increasing. Although the state and the government have taken a series of measures, the United States even lacks the basic plan to control the epidemic and restart the economy.

Precautions for prevention and control of covid-19

Although Covid-19 is characterized by strong infectious, long incubation period, high incidence rate and high mortality rate. But we don't have to panic about covid-19 either. We should actively understand covid-19 and make effective prevention.

1. Covid-19's way of transmission

The main routes of transmission of covid-19 are respiratory droplets and contact. Respiratory spray refers to the infection caused by sneezing, coughing and speaking of the patient, and the exhaled gas is inhaled directly in short distance; contact transmission refers to the infection caused by the spray deposited on the surface of the object, after contacting the contaminated hand, and then contacting the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose, eyes, etc.

2. Prevention methods of covid-19

A. Strengthen personal protection

  • 1. Avoid going to crowded public places. Avoid contact with patients with fever and respiratory tract infection, and wear masks if necessary.
  • 2. Wash hands frequently. Especially when hands are contaminated by respiratory secretions, after touching public facilities, after caring for patients with fever, respiratory infection, vomiting and diarrhea, after visiting hospitals, after handling contaminated objects and after contacting animals, animal feed or animal feces.
  • 3. Don't spit everywhere. Cover your mouth and nose with tissues or elbows when sneezing or coughing.
  • 4. Strengthen exercise, work and rest regularly, and keep indoor air circulation.
  • B. Avoid contact with wild animals

  • 1. Avoid contact with livestock, wild animals and their excreta and secretions, and avoid purchasing live birds and wild animals.
  • 2. Avoid going to animal farms and slaughterhouses, live poultry markets or stalls, wildlife habitats or other places. When you have to go, you should protect yourself, especially those who are exposed.
  • 3. Avoid eating wild animals. Do not eat sick animals and their products; purchase fresh frozen poultry from regular channels, fully cook when eating poultry, eggs and milk; when handling fresh products, separate raw and cooked appliances and wash them in time to avoid cross contamination.
  • C. No sick work or party

    If you have symptoms of respiratory tract infection such as fever and cough, rest at home, reduce going out and traveling. When the weather is good, the room should be ventilated. Please wear a mask when contacting others. Avoid sick work, classes and parties.

    D. Timely medical treatment

    In case of respiratory tract infection symptoms such as fever and cough after traveling from other places, the fever clinic of the hospital shall be selected according to the condition, and the mask shall be worn to see the doctor. Meanwhile, the doctor shall be informed of the contact history and travel history of similar patients or animals.

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